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Krazy Mixed-Up Salt 6 x 200g – display Minimum quantities apply salt, herbs, spices and onion

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KRAZY MIXED-UP SALT 200g (6 canisters) – Minimum quantities apply A seasoning that gives a New exciting and delicious flavour to almost any food. Makes a good food Special. Use as you would salt. Meats Before cooking use in place of salt and pepper on all cuts of meat including poultry, fish, meatloaf, barbecues, stews Salads Ideal as a dip for raw vegetables. Use on salads, dressings, tomatoes, greens Vegetables Try Krazy Mixed-Up Salt on all cooked vegetables including cauliflower, carrots, celery, squash, string beans, potatoes Herb Bread Mix 1 teaspoon with 125g unsalted butter. Spread on French bread stick between partially cut slices, roll in foil and heat. Use butter mixture on unsalted biscuits for a tasty hors d’oeuvre Other Uses Improves the flavour of almost any food. Try it in or on soups, eggs, pizza, casseroles, cottage cheese, gravies dips, poultry stuffing If the ingredients separate shake vigorously to remix. Krazy Mixed-Up Salt is a pure seasoning and contains only natural ingredients INGREDIENTS: SALT, HERBS, SPICES AND ONION BLENDED AND PACKED IN AUSTRALIA FROM IMPORTED INGREDIENTS

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